Eric Czar Signature 7

The "Eric Czar Signature 7" is the result of a collaboration between Eric Czar and Nikola Adamovic, and essentially combines the unique voices and timbres of a bass and a baritone guitar into one.

It features a unique 30 fret, 33"scale and a 4+3 string design, developed for easy chord playing and fast tapping techniques.

The woods have been chosen for a warm but very articulate sound

4+3 string design

The neck features a 4+3 string design with 4 bass tuners and 3 guitar locking tuners form hipshot. It is tuned with bass strings (E-A-D-G) and with guitar strings (C-F-A#).

The bridge is setup with a narrow 16.6 mm string spacing but the spacing is adjustable.


Our unique heel-less singlecut neck attachment is designed for pure comfort. You have full accessibility to all the way to the 30th fret.

The 4 bass strings are strung trough the body to accommodate regular long scale strings for the 33"scale. The three guitar strings are strung trough the bridge to accommodate regular guitar strings but they have the option to be strung trough body as well if one should prefer different strings.


The neck has a very slim design for fast and easy playability. It is constructed with two 2-way truss rods to accommodate precise setups for ultra low action.

The fingerboard is a 30 fret and 33" scale. The neck woods have been chosen for extra stability and stiffness.

Electronics and pick-up

The pick up is our rampbar which is a versatile pick-up that also functions as a ramp. The preamp is a 3-band Glockenklang and it features two pick-up selectors for each pick up.

Eric wanted the Neutrik security locking system featuring golden contacts from Neutrik to avoid signal losses when recording and performing live.

Click here for some sounds on: Youtube