The Saturn is specially designed for players that want a more traditional sound and feel but prefer a modern instrument with improved balance, playability and overall ergonomics. It's designed to produce a solid low B string and an even tone troughout the neck. Available in traditional passive and modern active electronics.

Bolt-on neck attachment

The Saturn has a bolt on neck. The tight fitted necks are attached with 5 screws for improved strength and stability. The heel is comfortable shaped giving easy access all the way to the last fret.

Classic Jazz pick-ups

For players who are seeking for a vintage sound the Saturn is offered with our Jazz pick-ups. These pick-ups in combination with the more traditional woods produce that popular vintage sound many people love. With our stable laminated neck vonstruction, the result is a balanced note articulation and even volume throughout the fingerboard.


We offer the black-white-black binding on the Saturn. It is not the usual piece of plastic but real wenge-maple-wenge wood that results in a very classy traditional look with the added advantage that the edges are rounded over for a very comfortable feel.